Group Tour Packages


Traveling in a group is something we personally love to cater in the Andaman Islands. Group tours are common in the islands and we have catered to groups from 20 people to upto 180 people. Now, there are few things to consider when coming to the Andaman Islands in a group tour package.

For Group tour packages to the Andaman Islands we will recommend you the following:

  • Plan well in advance.
  • Getting availability in 1 single hotel for everyone.
  • Get your flight tickets booked in advance
  • Select/Customize an itinerary that is not hectic for the group.
  • Understand the practicality of this remote location.
  • Get your cruise tickets booked in advance.
  • Don’t make a mistake of doing things by yourself. You might end up in not getting the availability for most things. Take Suggestions!
  • Plan your tour with someone who knows the turf.
  • Getting the availability of Vehicles and boats for the group.

Now those who reach us for a group quote we firstly try to understand their requirements. In addition, we suggest and remove all that could make the travel for the group very hectic. Consider that you along with many more people will be taking a tour to Andaman. Now in Andaman, there is a limited availability for almost everything. Be it hotels, vehicles, ferry, restaurants and many more thing. You are not coming to a city wherein all things are available in a click. Here in Andaman getting an availability is a very big question if you are planning very late for you trip then things might be difficult for you specially during peak season. You will certainly need a very good travel company to execute your trip flawlessly.

What Itinerary do we recommend for groups?

For Groups, we recommend a combination of Port Blair and Havelock Island. We cover some of the best beaches where the whole group can relax and enjoy. In addition, each one of them gets their own space to enjoy. We try to avoid locations where the group might not feel comfortable and where there is a shortage of space. We also add some activities for the group during their trip to the islands. Neil Island is also an option, however, for big groups, it might be a little difficult considering very limited facilities are available in Neil Island. In addition, the ferry sailing to Neil Island is less leading to issues in getting seats for a big group to Neil Island.

Where do we stay?

We usuall recommend 3 Star or 4 Star hotels for the groups in Andaman. In Havelock Island we are specific about beach resorts in the islands. Now, in Andaman, there are only a handful of hotels that can accommodate the whole group in one hotel. In addition, considering the demand we need to check the availability as many good hotels are mostly sold out during season time. Our experts recommend you where the group can be accommodated easily. In worst case also, if the group has to stay in 2 different hotels thenwe recommend only those hotels that are next to each other.

Do we get food for the group in the package?

Absolutely, the food is included in the tour at the 3 intervals for the group. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are included in the package.

Do we get DJ and Alcoholic Drinks for the group?

Yes, DJ along with alcoholic drinks can be arranged for the group as an addOn and upon request.


What if we are pure vegetarian?

The hotels that you check in will have the availability of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. At the time of booking, you can mention your preference as well.

Is there any specific facility for Jain Food?

Jain food has to be prepared as per special order to the kitchen. In addition, some groups bring their own cook to the islands as well. For them, a kitchen space is provided where they can cook the meals. This facility is usually provided for a group of 30 travelers and above.

How many people should be there in one group?

At Tour 2 Andaman , we consider a group package from 40 People and Above. However, if you are over 20 People then also you can write to us and we will be happy to address you.

How do we make a booking for a group tour with Tour 2 Andaman?

We take special care for group tours. We recommend you to drop an email with your specific requirements to [email protected] or fill the form below with your requirements. Our team will actively reach you with suggestions and the best quote for the islands:

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