Andaman Tour Package From Pune Chennai

Andaman, the archipelago of islands, look almost as if they are one with the sea. Sometimes covered in sea mist and at other times basking in the backdrop of blue waters, with the sun high up in the clear sky. The light breeze blowing on your Andaman trip gives you a heavenly feel. The experience of flying over these islands is similarly magical, with islands looking like beautiful emerald stones that you can just grasp out of the water. Travelling to these islands is more serene than you can imagine, as the sea shore and the coastline have an extended meeting point making the seabed shallower, almost like glass. Book your Andaman tour package to dive into an island adventure like never before.
This group of islands is situated in the Bay of Bengal: with the Indian state of West Bengal to the west, Myanmar to the north and east and the Coco islands to the south. The larger part of this archipelago, Andaman and Nicobar Islands belong to the Indian Territory while the Coco Islands are part of the Myanmar’s governing region. The Andaman Islands are divided into North, Middle, Lower and Little Andaman. Port Blair sits on the Western end of the Middle Andaman while the popular beaches like Baratang, Neil and Ross Islands are located in the Little Andaman.
Andaman and Nicobar islands make up an archipelago of 572 islands that are famous not just for their clear turquoise water and golden sandy beaches but also for being a host to a variety of adventurous and water sports activities. The Andaman Islands are the perfect getaway for tourists looking for a private vacation in a faraway location outside mainland India. You can stroll around sequestered islands as part of the Andaman honeymoon package or join the fun with other travellers on the more populous ones. From beach bumming on popular beaches to trying out different recreational and fun activities to learning a new water sport, this is the paradise that every traveller should look forward to.


The best time to visit Andaman is considered to be from November to February. The Andaman Islands are blessed with a tropical climate and as such there are neither freezing cold winters nor the wrath of a blazing summer heat. These islands stay humid and warm with minimum temperature at 23°C and maximum temperatures peaking at 31°C.
The best season to visit Andaman is winters, blessed with clean and calm weather for a complete experience of fun activities from boating, snorkeling, sea walking, parasailing and many others. With a balmy climate, Andaman weather allows nature lovers to specially enjoy the months of July till December for outdoor sightseeing and bird-watching activities. The Annual tourism festival is also held in the months of December and January as part of Andaman Nicobar tourism. You can explore this group of islands by booking one of the many Andaman and Nicobar tour packages.


The island archipelago of Andaman is reachable via airways and waterways, both of which will land you in Port Blair. You can take flights to Andaman airport from major connecting cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai or Kolkata or Visakhapatnam. Andaman tour package are also available as offers including airfare for your hassle-free travel. For cruise ships from India, major ports such as Chennai, Vizag and Kolkata operate voyages to Haddo Wharf Port in Port Blair.


Andaman Islands are filled with a myriad of sightseeing spots and destinations worth covering while you are on your vacation or honeymoon tour. Explore the deciduous mangroves on the Baratang Island, an active volcano on the Barren Island, light and sound shows at the Cellular Jail, water sports in Port Blair or the beaches in Havelock Island. The list of places to visit in Andaman is endless and your aim should be to cover as many on your Andaman tour.
An erstwhile Kaala Paani Jail: The Cellular Jail Memorial in Port Blair used to be the infamous Black-water Jail of the British Empire in India. Known for housing prisoners of our freedom struggle, this reminiscent and historical building has been beautifully transformed into a site for light and water entertainment shows. The showcase is voiced over by one of Bollywood’s iconic actors, Om Puri, narrating the life of the inmates and the tortures they were put through within these jail bars. It is a must visit spot to be included in your Port Blair packages.
Explore rubber plantations on long walks: Wandoor is a village in the southern parts of Port Blair, famous for the Mongluton rubber plantations that it harbours. This is the best scenery for curious wanderers who will be escorted by a guide into the plantation rows of rubber trees. Get educated about the processing of raw rubber into rubber sheets. You can get to actually harvest rubber right from the sap draining out of the tree trunks.
A colorful treasure beneath: Andaman and Nicobar islands are famous for the treasure of endangered multicoloured reefs that lie beneath the azure blue waters. You will get to see such sights best in the dive areas of Jolly Buoy Island or Red Skin Island. These reefs are the pieces of proof linking us to the last glacial period. Book your Andaman Nicobar tour packages now to witness such must-see attractions on your trip.
What else will you do on Bird Island? One of the best things to do is to go on a venture of endless bird-watching. The Chidia Tapu is Andaman’s very own bird island. Birdwatchers can go bonkers to see the variety of birds in all shapes, sizes and colours flying around throughout the day. Try to capture the sights of drongos, parakeets, doves, eagles and many others. If you are a true nature lover, this is your paradise within the paradise.​ Say hello to one of Asia’s most beautiful beaches: Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island is home to one of the most serene beaches with clear turquoise water and golden sandy beaches. Popularly known as Beach No. 7, you can literally hear the sound of waves breaking and splashing on the shores. Yes, it is that quiet. This is the next best destination to be included on your Andaman Nicobar honeymoon package.
Tropical side of Andaman: Get ready to explore dense jungles, inland water ways, mangroves and limestone caves of Baratang Island. The ride to the cave is thrilling passing through mangroves that look like a scene straight from a movie. You will be enchanted by the stalagmites and stalactites, structure inside the caves. Don’t miss the mud volcanoes that splash out mud and gas from the ground.
Besides these gems, you can also cover Samudrika Marine Museum, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex in Port Blair or the active volcano at Barren Island. Visit these destinations as part of your Andaman and Nicobar packages.