Andaman Summer Holiday Package

A new year has already started and we all are ready with our plans to explore new places in the world; there are a lot of regions that are witnessing great demands. The Andaman tour package in the year 2018 seems to enjoy great popularity amongst the travel buffs. A lot of changes have been made into the Andaman Tourism sector to make it more attractive and comforting for the travelers. There are so many things to do when you are on this Island so that you can see the best of it.
Here we have covered all the important islands and activities that you need to see and do to make your vacations amazing. The best tour packages for Andaman cover everything from the north to the south of the Andaman Islands, to offer the travelers with a complete Andaman traveling experience. So, if you are not sure about how to travel in Andaman then you can book the guided Andaman holiday packages from reputed tour operators or you can read this short Andaman tour guide, for help.
Andaman is a year round destination and is always lovely. Although, the best time to visit Andaman would be from Novembers to May. It is suggested to avoid traveling to this island during the monsoons because of the strong winds, high tides and nonstop rains. In case, you are wondering about ways to reach to this island then there are only two answers for the question – “How to reach Andaman?” You can land on Port Blair which is capital of this Island, either by sea or air. Direct flights are available from Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi. You can sail to Port Blair, as well from Kolkata, Vizag and Chennai.
Once you have reached the island, now you must thinking, what things you must see or do here to make the most of your vacations. Therefore, here’s a list of things that you must do while you are in Andaman –
Radhanagar Beach – Being known as the best beach of India, it is must to be visited in any Andaman tour package. The travelers can swim in the waters or enjoy sunbathe on the sand which is smooth and white like wheat flour. Since, it has been voted as the best beach of the country, therefore there must be reasons behind it, and on a trip to Andaman you get a chance to discover those reasons. You can even click some of the best pictures of your lifetime at this beach.
Kalapathar Beach – This beach is a famous sightseeing place where the travelers can enjoy some lazy hours at the Havelock Islands. You can enjoy the turquoise shades of water while you ride to reach to this beach. Being a romantic spot, most of the Andaman packages for honeymoon, include this destination on their list. You can arrange a candle lit dinner on the beach for your partner to make some memories that you can cherish for lifetime.
Elephant Beach – One of the best activities in Andaman is snorkeling, especially when you are at the Elephant Beach. You can reach the beach through a boat and enjoy snorkeling in the warm, shallow and clean water. The coral reefs in this area are very famous, thus, you can enjoy the beauty of marine life in its purest form. If you want you can reach this beach through trekking, as well with the help of trained guides. You can even explore the local wildlife and forest, at this beach. Most of the travelers get confused by the name of this beach, but there are no elephants, over here to spot.
Scuba Diving at Andaman Islands – Do not miss scuba diving at any cost when in Andaman. There are many travelers who fear water activities but the islands here are blessed with Baracuda’s, coral reefs and GT’s that can be easily spotted during your dive. You can enjoy this activity at Chidiatapu, Havelock Island, Neil Island and the North Bay Island. The activity is performed in a controlled way along with providing complete training before the actual fun, starts. The best tour packages for Andaman will definitely have scuba diving on their list. The islands here possess